Prayer by Unknown

[cincopa A4EATY8B2Jou]This prayer by an unknown Confederate Soldier was one of Wren’s favorites. He used to say it was pure Zen. Wren liked the prayer so much that it make it into his book Zen Among The Magnolias.

When the season calls for ritual and celebration, I find myself really missing Wren more than usual. Wren was my confessor and Roshi for 25 years.  His great gift to me was that I always felt closer to G_D when I was with him and all my sins were forgiven.  He just had a way with opening doors.

Wren had plans to celebrate a Zen retreat here in Puerto Rico. He had never visited the Caribbean and he was excited about seeing the Spanish forts in the old city. After a battle with lung cancer Wren died in July of 2006 and never made it Puerto Rico. If any Dharma Bums or others wish to zazen and have some retreat time here on the Island please contact me and we will make arrangements either in the mountains or by the ocean. Personally I can not think of anything better to do.

The photos of Wren in the slide show were taken at his last retreat in Chicago in the fall of 2005.

The photos of the pecan trees were taken in the month of April at Saint Joseph  Abbey in Covington, Louisianna.